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Вам помогли сервисные комплекты с нашего каталога ?
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Information under the section "FIRMWARE II DIN"

Check out the rules and procedures of purchase of service files.


 1. Payment Information for the selected Lot

ATTENTION !!! An amount equal to VALUE FIRMWARE must fall to our account in full !!! Additional commission for money transfer you assume ... Otherwise, the firmware will not be sent until the transfer of its full value !!!!

!!! We guarantee that you receive your purchased Service Kit Only after transferring the full cost of the goods chosen to one of our accounts !!!



2. Particular attention should be paid to the next !!! ;

Фиксированная стомость 15$ USD

Payment system PAYPAL - payment is a fixed value -15$ (payment of the selected goods with the help of this system of payments, involves a fixed price, regardless of the exchange rate, prices in rubles and other factors. That is, if the selected item is present, the method of payment then taking advantage of them, you pay the cost of the lot at a price equal to 15$. TAKE CARE to avoid misunderstandings. 

Special price
Items marked

Have your own price for payment with PayPal.
TAKE CARE to avoid misunderstandings. 



3. Questions on the acquisition of the firmware
 in direct feedback (so quickly)

or ask a question in this thread on the forum

 When you contact us the serial number of the firmware in the directory and the name, as well as your question. All firmware provided in this catalog - is available !!!

 After payment for the selected item, unsubscribe us

indicating paid goods and the method of payment (account). 

 You get a link to the required firmware to the sharing services, which will be active for 3 days as required to notify you.

We guarantee you getting paid for goods chosen from a list of currently available firmware in electronic form (link to the selected item).

REMEMBER !! Self-piercing device at your own risk ..

All responsibility for possible consequences you take the stitching device. By paying for and ordering the firmware - you agree with this condition, and assume all risks associated with the firmware of the device.


4. ACQUIRED firmware and restore the appliance?

     Do not be lazy and leave feedback in this thread


- Write a version of the device and the serial number of the firmware that helped you .. This will help us and other users to control sets efektivnost recovery on specific devices.

ATTENTION !!! Technical consultations only after the payment of goods .. Users in order to extract the information - without intent to purchase will be blocked. WE HAVE NO free consultation IN THIS SECTION !!! FOR TO - BE FREE TO LOCK most inquisitive ...

ALL OUR FIRMWARE sewn from a memory card file data (quantity, size, name) Firmware you learned after purchasing it.


5. Signs in the directory with the firmware

icon "CHECKED"

It means that the firmware has been verified by us or by users and was successfully tested.

Icon "Bestseller"

It indicates that the firmware is purchased by many users.

Icon "Full service"

It means that this set has an extended assignment.





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Вам помогли сервисные комплекты с нашего каталога ?
Всего ответов: 118